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Experience managing and operating restaurants – phan mem quan ly nha hang

The restaurant is one of the most challenging of business to start. It requires the commitment and ability to capture details. Step by step guide below will help you manage the process to start a restaurant business, from choosing the concept to find the location and staff.

Tend to eat in restaurants is increasing in any country. Only in America, it is anticipated around 2010, restaurant industry sales will reach about 577 billion dollars / year. With the pace of development today, Vietnam will also be inevitable trend.

Although the restaurant business future looks bright but there’s nothing anyone can ensure success in this industry. Even the most successful business people also said that industry is not “quick money”. It is similar to a sector to “work hard and earn a livelihood” more.

One obvious fact is that there are many restaurants lost business in the first year that the main reason is lack of planning. This means the restaurant business is a complicated job? Not really, actually, the more rational organization, the higher chance of success. Robert Owens, owner of the seafood restaurant business in North Carolina RV said “Restaurant business is a business where people simply make it more complicated.” His formula for success is quality food and good service method is very effective for him for nearly a quarter century.

Whether your dream is to open a traditional dining, New York style pizza bakery, Chinese buffet or coffee shop, you can also apply the following steps:

Target market

Do not have a restaurant attractive enough for everyone. It is a fact that many people new to the business difficult to accept. So, targeted only 5 or 10% of the market and good service, so you’ve succeeded.

You can segment by age, income, hobbies or special restaurant (restaurant nutrition, vegetarian restaurants …). Depending on the segment, you learn the characteristics of each object to the way business accordingly. For example, segment by age:
- Generation Y, this generation, also known as the millennium generation, born from 1980 onwards. This generation is very dynamic, with the new, easy to book on the trend, want to assert themselves and fairly independent.
-Generation X: is the young adults, born between 1965-1977. They started more bass, do not like being noticed, thoughtful and substantive interest.
-Generation students in 1946-1964: at this age they have a stable career, likes the luxury …
Need to analyze the characteristics of each customer to choose the target customers to serve most effectively.

Site Selection

Depending on the amount you can invest in the restaurant and the type of restaurant that you choose to get directions to find suitable sites.

Not most of the restaurants are close to populated areas, but for the restaurant depends on these characteristics, some points to note when choosing place of business:
-The amount of expected sales. Selling points to influence how your sales volume?
-Communications. Consider pedestrian traffic and ride. Approximately how many times people walk and ride back and forth every day? Locations convenient for the customer to stop or not?
-Demographics. People who live and work near the location that is appropriate for your target customers do not?
-Ability to pay sites. If you have calculated the profit and loss in the first year of business, you will know exact numbers close sales you will achieve is and use this number to decide whether to rent places just at how much.

Favourable parking-stop. Colleges must ensure that parking for guests and easy stops.
-Near other stores. These stores could close affecting your sales, their presence adversely or a benefit?
-The history of the place. Learn history before deciding to hire or not. Who was the previous tenant and why they are not hiring anymore?
-Development in the future. Learn strategies of local planning to know whether there is any change relating to the location you intend to rent or not?
-The lease terms. Read the lease carefully to have the most reasonable agreement.

Layout, placement

Placement and design are important factors contributing to the success of the restaurant. You need to design appropriate for the processing and kitchen areas, inventory, and office areas for customers. Usually, the guests ate accounted for 40-60% of the area restaurants, 30% for the processing and cooking, rest areas and office inventory.
-Area for visitors: this is the area to help you make money, therefore it is not cutting the design. Take time to visit as many restaurants as possible to analyze the layout of the restaurant there. Observe the attitude of the customers to eat, they react with the layout? They are convenient or not? Analysis of the good and bad to learn from experience.

The design for the client depends on your perception. Statistics show that 40 to 50% of customers to the couple, 30% come alone or in groups of 3, 20% travel in groups of four or more people. To meet the different client groups, use the table for 2 people and can use a move to assemble into larger areas. It makes you more flexibility in serving different customer groups.

-Processing zone. The processing areas in restaurants often fall into inefficient design. Be aware of the menu to identify each element in the processing area. You also need the area for receiving and storing raw materials, processing, cooking, dishwashing, garbage areas, favorable areas for staff and office.
Please arrange the food so that the cook just a few steps. Your design should also allow two or more chefs working together as more customers.

Up menu

The menu is a list of foods or beverages that your restaurant is, given to the customer chooses. When the menu, you should pay attention to children if your target customers, including subjects such as design some dishes with smaller portions to appeal to children.

Menus tend to increasingly long and this only makes the customer more confused. Let’s sort the items by item, try to give customers more choice but to make the most concise form.

The provisions on food safety

Food safety should be top priority when you venture into the restaurant business. You need to learn about food safety regulations that the authorities have put in place to make correctly. The prestige of the restaurant will be very difficult to get back if you leave your customers poisoning, plus you also have to pay for treatment not less customers.


The first step in the recruitment program is to decide exactly what you want your employees. Job description does not necessarily scale as the large companies, it is important that it should list the responsibilities and duties of each job.
Next you need to set the salary specified table. To achieve optimum performance, you should research the general wage level in the industry, then set the maximum level and minimum salary for each position to the payment of wages based on the capacity to be more flexible.

There are some special place to keep in mind:

-The managers: the most important position in most restaurants is the manager. It is best to have that person manage a variety of restaurants and have a relationship with the food supply. Surely you would like to get a manager with skill and ability to supervise employees while still exuding style and personality of the restaurant. To get the manager so you need to pay adequate salaries to recruit and before opening the store at least a month so they can advise you.
-Chef and chef: the beginning you may need three cooks, two people working full-time and one part-time, working hours from 10 am to 4 h h or 4 h-dimensional way by the time closed. Part-time employees are located in the peak hours, weekends or holidays.
-The service: they are in direct contact with your clients, so they need to create a pleasant impression and can work well under pressure, together serve more goals while keeping seem to be refreshed.
For any employee you should also let them know the restaurant’s philosophy as well as images that you want to build to strive together.

Marketing and advertising strategy

Every company needs a marketing plan and type of restaurant business is not an exception. But despite a marketing strategy applied no matter what you should not ignore the word of mouth marketing approach by the research, this is the best advertising methods for the food industry.

When he opened the restaurant you can send invitations to free meals typical characters in the file that you intend to target customers. Register the name on the list of addresses food, travel guides, advertising on the media or introduced by processing a few typical dishes of the restaurant in the journal.

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